Hydra port
Right and left, at the entrance of the port of Hydra, there are the small castles ( ramparts) with cannons, protecting Hydra. 
On the left side of the port, is the statue of Admiral Andreas Miaoulis. 
 The road passes under the statue, leads east to Mandraki , which was the military port of the island during the Revolution.
 In the center of the harbor is the Cathedral of the Assumption, built in 1648 and reconstructed in 1774.
 Right hand of the Cathedral the paved uphill road, leading to the old town Kiafa. 
 On the right side above the cannons there is a small pine forest and the mansion of George Kountouriotis hoisted among the pines.
In the woods you will see the large marble cross, is the grave of Pavlos Kountouriotis. 

 The road continues, reaches Avlaki, a scenic beach under the steep slopes of the mountain and ends at the beautiful Kaminia district.