Waterline (Isalos): Refers to the line where the hull of a ship meets the water surface.

Welcome to Isalos. An ideal place for coffee lovers. For more than 21 years, we have been offering amazing coffee, huge and delicious breakfasts,snacks, fresh juices and healthy smoothies. 

It is the island's hot spot, next to the sea, serving fresh salads and pasta, delicious sandwiches and home made sweets and waffles (have their fans)!!

Tips... try the chocolate soup and also the super food, which is extra healthy!!!

Meet Hydra
The name of Hydra is due to the abundant water that gushed from the rich sources that had in antiquity. Historians mention the island by the name Hydrea and the interior of the island are preserved traces of ancient settlements, as evidenced by archaeological excavations at Episkopi. The first inhabitants were the Dryopes.
DELUX Fresco Italiano Homemade Ice cream
An ice cream of high quality, made with handmade techniques, with recipes of the Italian tradition, Gelateria DELUX
Tea Stories...
Legend says that tea originated in 2737 BC from the Emperor Shen Nung China.